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We welcome the visitor to our farmstead and our daily life! Through the guided tour around the facilities, the visitor experiences the Mykonian tradition and everyday life of the family. Through an experiential visit of the traditionally decorated house around which, the traditional stone oven, the cheese workshop, the winery foot-pressing vat, the well and the chapel are all located. The visitor can access all 3 folklore workshops of the farmstead where one can watch the tsampouna construction (traditional musical instrument), the loom and the icon painting. While wandering around the vegetable garden, the vineyard and the crops, one can meet all the domestic animals of the estate, sheep, cows, chicken, horses, and so on. If desired, participation in the tasks that take place at any given time, such as the collection of eggs and vegetables along with the people of the farmstead, while tasting juicy fruits directly from the earth, is welcome. After the completion of the tour, the visitor returns to the main yard of the farmstead to enjoy a delicious treat with wine and tsipouro, home-made pies and local dishes.


 2 hours


 up to 15


  • Reservation Required.
  • Farmstead Visiting Hours 09:00 – 21:00.
  • It is strongly advised to wear a hat & flat shoes.
  • Please advise any specific dietary specifics or allergies at time of booking.
  • Transfer Services can be arranged upon request.
  • After the completion of each activity, you are welcome to stay at the farmstead until the end of the working hours.
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